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Green Viper Betta Plakat Fighter SAMPLE PIC

Green Viper Betta Plakat Fighter SAMPLE PIC

You are looking at the Green Viper Plakat Fighter.  He is about 9 months old, eating well, and healthy.  He weights 2-2.2 grams.  These are pure bred fighters with outstanding  bloodline.   I call these fighters my "All-Star Selection."  They were selected by a Grand Master who has over 30 years of experience.  The batch is tested and passed in Thai arenas where they face the best of competition.  These are selected from the batch that performs the best.  So rest assured you are getting a top quality fish.

The Green Vipers attack the head and tail. They have stamina for a long fight and can attack non-stop. They have a heart of a champion and will fight till the end. The special move is the "counter attack" amongst the Vipers. However, each fish can behave differently.

This is a top of the line fighter. I can only provide you with the best stock. The rest is up to you. Train and condition properly and your fighter will perform well. Thanks for looking..................(You will be getting similar fish in the pic)

We will open again for business this Fall.  Thanks for all of your support.

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