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Breeding Tank Setup

Due to popular request I am setting up a betta breeding tank. Follow me step by step on how to breed bettas. Start your own breeding project now!! I will cover every step in as much detail as possible. Follow my blog and Youtube Channel and follow along. Let the journey begin!!


-10 gallon tank filled about 50-60% water

-Sponge filter

-Submersible heater

-Digital thermometer

-Giant Moss Balls

-Ant-Fungus Chemical

-Lid to keep humidity

-Almonds Leaves

Please watch my Youtube Videos for further detail.

We will open again for business this Fall.  Thanks for all of your support.

BettaStars Channel on Youtube.  Lots of fun Vids.  Come and learn about Bettas!!

Check out my blog for the lastest news.  Follow me step by step on how to breed bettas!!

Monthly betta giveway each month!! Submit your entry now.  

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