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Betta First Aid Kit

Betta First Aid Kit

Introducing the Betta First Aid Kit.  It is a complete package put together by BettaStars to fully treat your betta.  Developed by Hikari the package consist of Betta Ultimate, Betta Revive, and Bio Bandage.   This is a must have for your fish room.  Timely treatment is crucial in the recovery of your betta.  Get this package now and rest assured  you are prepared in case disaster strikes.    The First Aid kits serves as a water conditioner, prevents and controls diseases, treats fin rot, and much more.  I ship First Class.  Get your product faster!!

We will open again for business this Fall.  Thanks for all of your support.

BettaStars Channel on Youtube.  Lots of fun Vids.  Come and learn about Bettas!!

Check out my blog for the lastest news.  Follow me step by step on how to breed bettas!!

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