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Shipping and Refund Policy

Priority shipping is $15 and takes 2 days for most locations, 3 for some.   Package  includes a free heat pack, box, Styrofoam, ect..  Your betta will be packaged securely and carefully to ensure safe arrival.  I do not guarantee a live arrival with this method.  Bettas are hardy and can live through rough conditions.  However, they are living creatures and can, on occasion die due to stress, weather, delay shipments, and so on.  If you want to ship this method it will be at your own risk.  For those who don’t like to roll the dice I offer express shipping which is 1-day for most locations, 2 for some.  Comes with guarantee live arrival for $35.  In case of DOA it is important that you take a picture of the dead fish in the bag within one hour.  In the case that I cannot replace the fish a refund will be issued. Please note I only refund the cost of the fish.  


Also please tell me when is best to ship out your fish.  It is important that you are home to pick up the package.  Leaving the box out in the cold or hot weather can stress out your betta.  Express shipping will require a signature for delivery.  You can waive this option, but you must notify me before shipment.  I will ship according to the shipping schedule below unless told otherwise.  Scroll to the bottom for shipping schedule.


Important:  When you purchase a betta(s) you will need to choose a shipping option.  I have a shipping charge item that you can select to add to your cart.  Select one before you checkout.  Do this for bettas only.  I can combine up to 4 bettas for $15 priority and $35 express.  Other items shipping charges are calculated automtically.   


Your fish will likely arrive tired and a little stressed out from the bumpy ride.  So please don’t panic because he will look a little pale.  Once he is settled into the new home colors will become more vibrant.  I am confident you will be happy with your purchase.  Feel free to contact me for any questions.  Thanks for reading this boring stuff.  Happy shopping!!! 

Shipping Schedule

Priority Mail: Monday-Wedsnday

Expect delivery within 2 days for most locations, 3 days for some


Express Mail: Monday-Thursday

Expect delivery within 1 day for most locations, 2 days for some

We will open again for business this Fall.  Thanks for all of your support.

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