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Betta Starter Kit

Betta Starter Kit

Introducing the Betta Starter Kit.  This kit comes with a betta scoop, Hikari betta food, and Betta Ultimate.  The betta scoop allows you to safely transfers your betta from one container to another.  It is made of a nylon mesh that holds water.  Conventional nets can injure your betta.  You will also receive 2.5 grams of Hikari Betta Pellets.  Hikari makes premium betta pellets formulated to keep your betta healthy and vibrant.  In addition, you will get 0.08 oz of Betta Ultimate that can treat up to 5 gallons of tap water.  Betta Ultimate is a complete betta bowl water conditioner that instantly “ages” the water by eliminating chlorine, chloramine, ammonia, nitrite, and various heavy metals including copper. The Betta Ultimate also add essential electrolytes, promoting the development of a healthy slime coat, transforming tap water to water your betta fish would love.  It would make a great gift. Buy the starter kit before your betta arrives!!

We will open again for business this Fall.  Thanks for all of your support.

BettaStars Channel on Youtube.  Lots of fun Vids.  Come and learn about Bettas!!

Check out my blog for the lastest news.  Follow me step by step on how to breed bettas!!

Monthly betta giveway each month!! Submit your entry now.  

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