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Microworm Culture Fry Food

Hopefully by now you already have your breeding tank setup. Let it sit and cycle for a few days. This is when I sart my microworm culture. The microworms will be a important food source for you fries in early stages of development. It is good to have one started and growing before you fries hatch. Your fries will love you for this. Follow my instructions below and start your own culture today!! Also, visit my youtube channel and watch the video.

Use a medium such as otameal, cereal, or sandwhich bread. Place the medium in a small clear container along with water (tank water works well). Mix the medium and the water until it gets mushy (not too soupy or too dry). Add the microworm culture onto your new medium. If you do not have a culture already you will need to purchase one. You can buy one online for about $5.00. Sprinkle active yeast on top of the culture. Make sure you use a container with a lid. The lid must have holes in them to allow air exchange. I use a nail to make holes on my lid. Place the culture in a well lit room but away from direct sunlight or the culture will dry out. Wait 3-7 days and you will see little white worms crawling along the walls of your container. Use a cotton swab and swipe away a portion and feed it to your fries. Start a new culture once the old one begins to die out. Repeat this process and you will have a never ending supply of little wigglers!!

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